Insurance and Billing Questions

One of the benefits of employing an outpatient surgery center such as ours is a streamlined billing process that can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars when compared to the same procedure in a hospital setting. Further, we are aware that understanding your payment obligations can often be frustrating. We aim to make it easier for you by pledging open communication with you regarding payments to our surgery center and having a qualified billing specialist available to you when needed.

Whether you are paying for your procedure out of pocket, financing it through a third party or relying on your insurance plan for payment, we are here to help you navigate the billing and payments process.

For Insurance Billing Questions

We will file insurance claims on your behalf for facility charges.  You may receive statements from our billing company any time there is activity on your account.  Please wait until the second statement to remit payment to ensure your insurance company has made appropriate payment and your balance has been properly adjusted.

If the amount due shown on the second statement does not match what you were told preoperatively, please contact our office at 310-586-1905.

Third Party Services and Billing

You may receive bills from other professionals involved in your care during your surgery.  These may include anesthesiologists, your surgeon, pathology services, or others.  If you have questions about these charges, please direct them to those parties directly.  If you are having difficulty locating these providers or their billing agents, please let us know.  We are happy to help facilitate contacting them.