Patient Success Stories

20th Street Surgery Center is a high quality medical facility where you are treated like a person rather than solely as a patient.  It is wonderful to know that you will be comfortable and cared for before, during, and after your procedure.  No one likes to have surgery, but if you must, I highly recommend 20th Street Surgery Center.  As a frequent patient at the center, I can truly say that the staff is competent, friendly, and makes every effort to support you both physically and emotionally.  Even the center itself is designed sot that it has a relaxing decor adding to the positive environment created by the way you are treated.

~ H.G.

First of all–I was scared beyond words hearing the words “surgical oncologist” and “melanoma cancer” from my dermatologist’s phone call telling me the results of my “messy freckle” biopsy. The first day I learned of it, Dr. Essner and I had three phone conversations. Three. He was so responsive. THAT alone set the stage for confidence and trust. He told me to call someone name Corrie to set it up and learn of payment options, as I didn’t have insurance. When I spoke to Corrie over the phone, it was obvious why Dr. Essner passed me off to her. She is an angel. When I came in to speak in person to her about what to expect, her whole energy was calming and reassuring that I was being cared for by the best. I can’t stress enough how scared I was. I had never even been inside an operating room–or had any procedure at 53 years old. I was an operating room virgin. Cesar, the nurse, completes the trio of that team. He wrapped me in a warm blanket on the operating table–like I was getting a facial at Aida Thibiant. Together, the trio made my melanoma excision procedure experience the very best. I didn’t feel a thing. Corrie held my hand the whole time. And, I drove home. I actually missed them when I left. Who doesn’t want to feel comforted like that all the time? I recommend 20th Street Surgery Center only if you want the best care possible and total peace of mind.

~ S.S.

I was already scheduled for a colonoscopy when I discovered that I was going to need a partial hysterectomy as well. I’m a single mom and only wanted to have to go under anesthesia once. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into putting together the schedule for my care that included several different doctors, an anesthesiologist, and all the rest of the staff required to meet my needs.

From start to finish 20th Street Surgery Center tended to my care in such an amazing way. I told them what my needs were and they met them without any fuss. Corrie went above and beyond to make sure that all of my questions were answered and also made sure that my family was kept informed while I was under. I am so grateful. My before, during and after care were coordinated like a symphony. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. 

~ K